Swihart's Wisdom regarding Nokia phones with a Pop Port and using them as an MP3 player with a stereo headset

You can buy an adapter from the UK @:

or Hong Kong, at:

Note that the strain relief on this thing stinks.  A slight tug on the wire at the base of the connector and it comes off.  I suggest filling the entire connector with hot glue or some other adhesive.

Or you can mod an HS-3, or one of the Belkin adapters, instructions for both follow:

Modifying an HS-3:

1) On the Pop-Port end of the HS-3, cut the plug along the seam starting on the side opposite the wire. 

2) When you've cut it far enough to see the wires, desolder either the red or gold wire from where it is and solder to the last pin on the connector, pin 14 as shown below.

3) Cut off the blob in the middle with the microphone and button on it, just below the strain relief.

4) Strip about 10mm of the black outer insulation off the cable.

5) Put some flux on the last 4ish mm of each wire except the red or gold one you did not move in the first step.  This wire isn't needed and can be trimmed off where the black insulation beings.

6) Tin the 4ish mm of each wire with solder.  After the wire heats up, the colored coating turns black and vaporizes.  Wait till it's fully tinned.  It won't stick where you didn't put flux.

7) Buy a female 3.5mm mini stereo plug.  Remove the outer housing and slide it onto the cable with the cable outlet/strain relief side first.

8) Figure out which contact is which.  To do this, you can stick a male 3.5mm plug or male-to male extension cable into the connector and use an ohmeter to determine which contact goes to where on the connector.  A garden variety radio shack connector has the outer housing and tabs for crimping the cable going to the base of the male plug (Headphone (-) below).  The gold tab goes to the end of the male plug (Headphone (+) below), and the silver tab goes to the middle.
The middle is ground/common, the base is the + for one or the other ear (don't know which) and the tip is the opposite ear +.

9) So, this means the green wire from the HS-3 corresponding to L ear (-) on the Nokia connector, pin 11 in the first figure, goes to the middle of the plug, or to the silver tab on a radio shack connector.

10) Next, the blue wire from the HS-3, corresponding to L ear (+) on the Nokia connector, goes to the base of the headphone plug, or the outer housing of the Radio Shack connector.

11) Lastly, the red or gold wire you moved on the Nokia plug goes to the tip of the headphone plug, or the gold tab on the radio Shack connector.

12) Test everything with a stereo headset and radio or media player, then after you're sure it works, crimp the cable to the mini jack, slide the housing over and screw on.

13) I used Krazy Glue (cyanoacrylate) adhesive to reseal the pop port plug seam and dribbled some into the strain relief area to hopefully hold the wire in place.

Using a Belkin Adapter and a 2.5mm to 3.5mm adapter:

This adapter is for using a standard 3-contact phone headset (one earpiece and a microphone in the cable). It has to be modified to work as a stereo headset adapter.

Get the adapter:


Using a slotted jewelers screwdriver or a knife, separate the 2 halves of the hosing, then do this stuff:

Then Snap the housing back together and buy a 2.5 to 3.5mm headset adapter. You might use a rubber band around the phone and adapter shown below if you're using it while exercising - you hear a bit of crackling while the 2.5mm plug rotates.


Can get here: